Instagram Model Celina Powell Insists Her Claim of Trey Songz Kidnapping Her Is True

After people doubt her story that the ‘Bottoms Up’ singer got violent with her because her friend laughs in the confessional video, Celina says ‘it was anything but funny when this was happening.’

AceShowbizTrey Songz has been accused of kidnapping Instagram model Celina Powell and her friend. In a YouTube video posted several days ago, Celina claimed that she and her female pal ran into the singer/actor inside a Miami nightclub on April 6.

Celina said that Trey knew her when they approached him. He allegedly demanded that both of them give him their cellphones, before they were escorted by his team to his bus. The bus, which reportedly was filled with other girls, took them to a strip club.

At the strip club, Celina said she and her 18-year-old friend asked Trey to give their phones back, but he allegedly yelled at her, “Shut the f**k up b***h.” She also accused the “Can’t Help but Wait” hitmaker of getting “violent” with her, choking her and slamming her against the wall of the strip club.

Despite his “violence” at the club, both girls agreed to go to his apartment afterward. While her friend was sitting on the couch, Trey allegedly led Celina to the bathroom and locked her inside. Celina said he pushed her down and “made her do some things.” Her friend eventually managed to get Celina out of the bathroom.

According to Celina, Trey said she’s “bad for the community” and said to her, “You been playing games with all of the celebrities.” He also accused her of catfishing Chris Brown which she “denied.” He then allegedly threw her phone off the balcony.

The two girls, however, didn’t seem to be too affected by the “kidnapping” and Celina’s friend giggled several times during the video, prompting people to question if they told the truth. “Your friend laughs at you after you speak about sexual assault wtf did just watch yo fr,” one commented on the video.

It also should be noted that Celina is known for her reputation of telling lies. She once claimed to get impregnated by Offset while he’s married to Cardi B. She also previously lied about exposing some rappers whom she “cheated” with.

Responding to the skeptical people, Celina wrote in the comment section of the YouTube video, “Some parts yes we were laughing, however it was anything but funny when this was happening.” She went on insisting that she was telling the truth, adding, “This was filmed immediately after the last one so we had about 5 shots in us , nevertheless, every detail in this story is true. Claudia also has never been on camera for something like this so she was nervous.”

Someone appeared to support her claim as writing, “He did the same to me in LA. You’re inspiring me to make a YT video on it too, I’m just scared.” Another kindly reminded her, “Please take care of yourself & stay safe girl. Women get killed often.”

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