Sail away with me ⛵️ ☀️

We learned earlier this year that James Middleton has an Instagram and it’s public. His life is actually quite Insta-friendly – he is dad to a pack of photogenic puppies, he spends a lot of time as a guide on his brother-in-law’s beautiful Scottish estate, and he takes a lot of vacations with his latest girlfriend, a woman named Alizee Thevenet. We first became aware of Alizee over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, when they were photographed together (on purpose) on vacation with Pippa Middleton. It looks like James took Alizee sailing this weekend, because he posted this IG. It’s a beautiful shot. It makes me wonder if James finally found a lady who’s willing to play the game. The last one barely spent any time with him. I wonder if we’ll be getting an engagement announcement sometime soon.

Meanwhile, we still don’t really know the state of James’ marshmallow company Boomf. Boomf has been struggling for years now, and he’s lost millions of dollars in investment. I’m honestly not even sure he still spends much time operating Boomf – he seemed to step away a year ago or so when he was diagnosed with ADD. Then again, he was around the office enough to jangle his keys at employees and authorize some Nazi marshmallows. Last month, he started selling off some of his prized possessions on Ebay too, so my guess is that he’s financially struggling. My guess is that Alizee is a good distraction from that mess too.

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Photos courtesy of Instagram and Backgrid.

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