Jennifer Lopez Talks Her Three Failed Marriages & Plans For A BIG Wedding With Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are seriously so in love!

The pair steals the screen in J.Lo’s new behind-the-scenes video released overnight, and it’s evident how much love and support they have for each other — and, as they both discuss in the clip, what they’ve each been through to get to this point where they’re ready to spend their lives together!

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On Thursday, Lopez released a 26-plus minute-long clip which shows the behind-the-scenes preparation (rehearsals, stagecraft, makeup, etc.) that goes into making her It’s My Party tour — and it’s fascinating to see how many people are involved with everything, and how truly grand a scale all this is done on! So cool… and such good insight into part of what it’s like to be on tour.

Jen announced the video’s debut late last night with a teaser tweet that got everybody talking as they woke up this morning (below):

But in another part of that long, new video (which you can watch in full, above), both J.Lo and A-Rod open up to the cameras about loving each other, previous failed marriages, and what it’s like to be where they are now — on the cusp of walking off hand-in-hand into the metaphorical sunset together, to live happily ever after.

At the 2:20 minute mark of the video, the momma of two discusses her previous three failed marriages (anyone remember Ojani Noa or Cris Judd?) while sitting down between dance rehearsal takes with members of her team, and during the convo she drops the hint (a) she’d like a BIG wedding when it comes time with the baseball star, and (b) she wants to get married in a church! Surprisingly, she reveals she’s never been married in a church before, but this time… well, it sounds like her mind is made up! And even more surprising is that BIG wedding tidbit, considering she’s previously hinted the couple did NOT want anything huge!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about potential wedding dates for the adorable, engaged couple, the Waiting for Tonight singer touches on that, too, revealing the plan is to get married “soon, but not soon-soon, but… next year.”

Confusing… ha! She later goes on to clarify this means “sometime next year,” so we can be sure 2020 is when it’ll all go down!

In the same convo, Lopez also opens up a bit about her first two failed marriages before Marc Anthony — which only lasted nine months and eleven months, and which she says don’t actually count! Obvi they do count, but what she means — and what she opens up about in the vid — is her reasons for marriage back then were all wrong, and it wasn’t until Anthony (to whom she was married for ten years) did she finally get it.

That can only make us imagine how strong she and Alex may be, considering they’ve both been through it all, seen it all, and must be ready to settle in and make it happen! So great!!!

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