In the months since Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography, many former fans have wondered how they were ever fooled by Josh and his seemingly wholesome family.

Some have gone so far as to rewatch old episodes of 19 Kids and Counting in order to seek signs of the depravity that lurked just beneath the surface of Josh’s facade.

What these viewers found was that Josh occasionally seemed to wear his perversity like a badge of honor.

Take, for example, a newly resurfaced scene in which the father of seven makes a joke about his wife that’s been labeled “degrading” and “embarrassing.”

The scene finds the Duggars at a convention for evangelicals that has special importance for Josh and wife Anna Duggar. 

“About three years ago this is where Josh met Anna,” patriarch Jim Bob Duggar explains to the camera.

The camera then cut to Josh and Anna who elaborated on Jim Bob’s remark.

“We met at the concession stand. Great place to meet,” Anna said.

“Well, you are what you eat,” Josh chimed in with a sly smirk.

Clearly, his intention was to make some sort of double entendre about oral sex.

The attempted joke doesn’t quite make sense, but Josh appeared to be amused.

However, folks who rewatched the episode recently certainly don’t seem to be laughing.

“So many times Anna has her head seemingly velcroed to Josh’s shoulder like she has no backbone to stand on her own,” one person commented on Reddit.

“Oh, wait a minute…. His gross comment ‘you are what you eat’ and Anna’s embarrassment.”

The scene is the latest in a long line of resurfaced clips in which Josh appears to enjoy embarrassing his wife with lewd comments.

In one, we see Josh sexually harassing Anna during a birthing class.

When the birthing instructor told the class that they should feel “resistance all the way down” during a certain exercise, Josh spotted another opportunity to humiliate his partner.

“Not too much resistance, though, as I’ve figured out,” he joked.

“It causes resistance in other areas if you do that.”

Again, the joke didn’t quite make sense, but it was obvious to all involved that Josh was implying something about his sex life.

On this occasion, too, Anna received the sympathy of Reddit users.

“I hate these clips where Anna is so visibly uncomfortable” one person wrote on the site.

“You know Pest is getting off on it and it just reminds you of Anna’s terrible situation and it’s all so unsettling,” a second chimed in.

In yet another scene, we see Josh and Anna visiting a doctor during her first pregnancy.

Anna requests chewable pills, as she’s had difficulty swallowing due to morning sickness.

“She’s like the master at swallowing,” he joked.

“But as soon as she’s been going through the morning sickness, she cannot do it at all.”

Yet again, Josh seemed to enjoy degrading his wife in front of others.

Needless to say, this is far from the worst behavior that he’s ever engaged in.

But it serves as a reminder of how much Duggar fans were willing to ignore in order to believe in this family’s charade.

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