OK, we were speculative before, but this is DEFINITELY happening now!

Joshua Jackson reportedly got his heart broken when his wife Jodie Turner-Smith left. But things are looking up for Pacey amid his sad boy phase — ain’t it always the way?

See, we got the sense maybe he and Lupita Nyong’o were an item after they were spotted appearing to have a blast at the Janelle Monae concert in October. It came just after Lupita had also announced her breakup from sports commentator Selema Masekela. There was no PDA, and they were in a big group of friends. But we thought we saw a spark. (And frankly we know she’s the Dawson’s Creek alum’s type. Just sayin’.)

However, the pair of pals have been spotted hanging out yet again — and the most recent outing really sells us on them as a couple for two big reasons. First off, in the photos, published first on TMZ with more later on DailyMail.com, the activity Joshua and Lupita are engaged in is… grocery shopping!

OK, sure, it’s not a makeout in the alley, but hear us out! It’s such a domestic activity to share! If they had just been indulging in some retail therapy at The Grove or something, cool, chill, friendly. But they were shopping for necessities at Erewhon. That gives big couple energy. Like they’re getting some things and heading back to the same house maybe? That argument is bolstered by the fact Lupita’s rescue cat YoYo was in the car with them!

Speaking of the ride out of the store’s parking lot, that’s the other big flashing light for us. They must have noticed the paparazzi noticed them, and instead of just living their lives as friends, Lupita… ducked. She actually ducked down in the car, in her cap and sunglasses! Why would she feel she had to hide if there wasn’t something to hide? Right?

What do YOU think, Perezcious dating experts? Are these two together, or what??

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