Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes are investing time in their spiritual side…

As you know, the two pop stars both canceled their world tours amid concerns — Biebs’ reasoning being his ongoing, tumultuous battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome and Shawn’s being his mental health. Two causes that definitely deserve all the time they need to heal from — and we’re glad they put themselves first — but now are the two of them finding each other in their low places? It sure seems like it.

According to TMZ, the 24 and 28-year-old were spotted together on Wednesday night attending a church service at Churchome in Beverly Hills. Bieber has been known to attend the place of worship — in the past he’s even sang with the congregation — and clearly he wanted to invite his friend to a place that’s dear to his heart.

You might remember this being the same church Pattie Mallette got Justin back into way back in 2010 — so he’s got some serious history with the place (especially after all those Hillsong church allegations, if you remember)…

Following services — which was confirmed not to include Hailey Bieber who was busy at an event for Tiffany nearby — the two musicians hopped into the Love Yourself singer’s car and left together just as they’d arrived.

It seems like Justin is trying to share some spirituality with Shawn — maybe their next music release will be a collaboration on a gospel song. We really hope the two of them are doing well amidst their break and continuing to heal so they can come back better than ever! Keep on keeping on, guys!

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