Country-pop yee-haw Queen and Grammy-winning GIF provider, Kacey Musgraves hit that Met Gala where she turned the phrase: “Come on Barbie, let’s go party,” into a real life situation. She showed up in full hot-pink Barbie regalia complete with her very own hot pink corvette (insert AngelyneSideEye.GIF here).

Vogue Australia spoke with Kacey’s stylist, Erica Cloud, who said that this lewk was thanks to Moschino’s Jeremy Scott:

“Kacey’s look came together through admiration of Jeremy’s imaginative approach to his designs. He sent over the sketch and it was a perfect combination of humour and playfulness.”

Andshe showed up looking pretty much exactly the same as that Moschino Barbie. She even tucked all of her brown extensions up into a blonde polyester wig to give us the full “Kyle Richards in Erika Jayne drag” effect:

And here’s Kacey just asking for a cease and desist from Angelyne by riding in on a pink Corvette:

I don’t know if this is camp, but it’s kitsch and I am being nourished by this look. Did you see her hair-dryer-shaped purse? Squirrelfriends, the only way this look could be any more Camp would be if she had hired Danish-Norwegian bubblegum-pop music group Aqua to sing “Barbie Girl” on repeat while walking behind her.

Nicki Minaj also showed up in a pink look:

She also calls this a Barbie look… she thinks. She didn’t really seem to know what’s going on at this party, and she told every interviewer hat she did not prepare for class. She spoke with Entertainment Tonight, who shouted out all her past camp looks to which Nicki replied: “Da fuq?”

She was feeling “Barbie-ish”? Kacey became Barbie, get on the level, Nicki. Watch her shout “I guess so,” when someone asks if she’s feeling camp:

Nicki was probably just too busy for the Met Gala this year. She was out touring and then showed up at Coachella. And we don’t know what happened before this. What if she had an accident with another Technical Difficulties Gnome and her first outfit which was totally camp short-circuited, or didn’t turn on, or something. We don’t know.

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