Kate Garraway is reportedly in "survival mode" after her husband, Derek Draper, took a "serious turn for the worse" this month.

The TV presenter, 55, previously revealed that her husband, 54, was readmitted to hospital two months ago due to ongoing health complications after he contracted Covid back in 2020.

The virus caused major health complications for the former political advisor as well as long-lasting damage to his organs – with Kate recently having to pull out of her presenting duties on Good Morning Britain to support her family.

But now a source close to the family has told Closer magazine that Kate is trying to stay positive despite Derek's health regressing.

They said: "Kate's been incredibly strong throughout Derek's illness and has remained a pillar of strength for the family despite their entire lives being turned around, but right now she's in pure survival mode and is having to now face the possibility of her worst nightmare coming true if Derek doesn't make it out of this.

"She's hell-bent on staying positive, not only for Derek but for herself and the children too."

Last week a source told the Mirror that Derek was "seriously unwell" and that Kate was putting all of her effort and energy into caring for him – meaning her presenting duties were put on hold.

They said: "Derek is back in hospital in a very serious condition but the family knows he is in the best hands. Kate is doing everything she can for her husband. He comes first and so work will have to take a back seat this week.”

An ITV spokesperson added: "Kate is taking some time off work over the next few days, and is hoping to be back to her normal presenting duties as soon as possible."

Kate has had to work incredibly hard to balance her work commitments and family life, including caring for her and Derek's two children, Darcey, 16, and Billy, 12.

As well as this, Kate has taken on the role as Derek's full-time carer, but recently said she is trying to remain positive.

His time in hospital was described as a "bit of a downturn" by Kate, but she said she was keeping her "fingers crossed".

The Mirror reported Kate saying at the time: "He's back in hospital I'm afraid so a bit of a downturn but fingers crossed.

"In terms of Covid, I mean when Derek got Covid there was no vaccine there was no treatment there was a lot of challenges, now we have those things so on that level yes it's not gone away."

Derek is one of the UK's longest suffering Covid patients after being diagnosed with the virus in March 2020, and has continued to suffer from the impact of the coronavirus on his body.


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