Kate Moss gives daughter a white Mini Cooper for her 18th birthday

Kate Moss’ Mini Me! Supermodel gives daughter Lila Grace a white Mini Cooper for her 18th birthday that’s identical to the car SHE owned 19 years ago

With immaculate bodywork, it’s clearly still in tip-top condition despite having a few miles on the clock.

And Kate Moss’s old car is looking pretty good for its age, too.

Or, at least the white Mini Cooper certainly looks like the supermodel’s former runaround – which she was pictured in 19 years ago after passing her driving test.

This car – which has the same bodywork and number plate – was handed to Kate Moss’s daughter Lila Grace for her 18th birthday

Kate Moss was pictured driving her new Mini in Notting Hill in September 2001

This car – which has the same bodywork and number plate – was handed to Miss Moss’s daughter Lila Grace for her 18th birthday. And the teenager looked shocked and thrilled when it arrived outside her mother’s home in Highgate, north London, on Tuesday.

The young model excitedly inspected the soft-top and sat in it, watched by her  smiling mother and father Jefferson Hack, Miss Moss’s former partner. 

Miss Moss, 46, then took her daughter for a final spin around the block before handing the youngster the keys. Also at the birthday gathering was Mary Davidson – the mother of actress Sadie Frost – who used to be Lila’s nanny. 

Miss Moss was photographed with an identical-looking Mini in September 2001. 

At the time, the novice driver drew jokey comparisons to her motor racing namesake Stirling Moss as she spent ten minutes trying to reverse in to a parking space.

She had passed her test only that May. Onlookers in west London’s Notting Hill reportedly saw the model look embarrassed and then giggle with relief when she finally managed to park the car, which had a 1998 number plate.

It is believed to be the same car Miss Moss gave her daughter – and according to the Carnalytics website, it has had four keepers and no change in number plate.

Miss Moss is back in London after isolating in her Cotswolds pile with her boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismarck, 33, Lila, and half-sister Lottie, 22.

After years of heavy nights out, she recently revealed she now prefers yoga and watching Netflix before bed. 

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