Local elections are upon us, and that means politicians across the country are being punished for their transgressions – especially over the matter of Brexit .

Thankfully, Katie Hopkins is here to guide us to enlightenment – oh no, wait, she just wants to eke out her 15 minutes of fame.

The failed reality star has taken to Twitter to urge voters to spoil their ballot papers – and share pictures of their messed up votes on Twitter.

It is illegal to publicise the unique identification number on a ballot, although none of the numbers on the pictures shared by Katie are viisible.

That hasn't stopped the rent-a-gob rightwhinger from gleefully sharing other people's defaced voting papers on her own Twitter.

"Today is the local elections in the UK and I've had loads of emails from people saying, 'What do we do? I just don't want to vote for anyone, why should I vote when my last vote didn't count for anything? I can't bring myself to vote for these idiots anymore', and I completely get it," she told fans in a video.

"Many people are choosing to spoil their ballot papers – often for the first time. Most of us are law-abiding, we want to obey the rules, follow instructions.

"But for the first time, many of us are saying we will turn up to vote, but we will spoil our ballot papers."

Hopkins went on: "Spoiled ballots do count, so if the number – the percentage – of ballots spoilt is greater than any other candidate, that will be the strongest voice of the people.

"So why not? Why not make the life of the poor sod who has to sit in some miserable hall counting these, make their life a little bit brighter. Why not take your colouring pens along and get artistic with your voting card.

"Spoiling your ballot sends a clear message you will not tolerate these incompetents anymore. You will not participate in a system where you're represented by people who frankly don't give a s**t about you, your children or the things you need."

She added: "The British people are sick of politicians in this country. I would assert trust in politicians has never been so low – frankly, they are making estate agents look kind of professional.

"So do go vote today in the local elections, if you can't find someone who's a Leaver to vote for then why not spoil your ballot paper and post your spoilt ballot on Twitter. It's time we started fighting back for Britain, for democracy, for the things that matter to us."

The law prohibits the sharing of any information "obtained in a polling station" in order to protect the secrecy of the ballot.

Guidance from the Electoral Commission states: "Due to the potential breach of the law, intentionally or not, we strongly advise against any form of photography taken inside a polling station.

"However, if a voter would like to highlight their participation in the elections, we suggest this is done outside the polling station before or after they vote."

During the last European elections in 2014, voters were warned they could be jailed for six months or handed a £5,000 fine if they shared someone else's vote – even accidentally.

This also applies to people revealing another person's vote, including influencing whether they publish it themselves.

Katie's apparent cry for democracy comes seven months after she filed for an IVA to manage her crippling debts , following her six-figure court defeat to the writer Jack Monroe.

The failed Apprentice candidate was forced to cough up £24,000 in damages over an offensive tweet she'd posted about Jack in May 2015, and was landed with a legal bill for £107,000 to be paid within 28 days of her humiliating loss.

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