Marking Mother’s Day Week, the model encourages all moms-to-be to embrace their baby bumps because it embodies ‘the miracle of what it means to be selfless, vulnerable, and strong.’

AceShowbizKatrina Scott is proud to show off her gorgeous baby bump. Having been named Rookie of the Year in 2021, the model returned to the spotlight by becoming the first visibly pregnant woman in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

In honor of Mother’s Day Week, the magazine’s Instagram account posted a picture of Katrina for the issue. In it, the 38-year-old model flaunted her figure in a two-piece, white one-shoulder swimsuit. She also relayed a little message in the caption.

“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has a storied history of firsts… of breaking boundaries, building and restoring confidence, and speaking directly to all women in an empowering and inclusive voice,” the message read. “Today is such a special moment that I’m honored to be a part of.”

“As women, we have been told, shown, and expected to hide (then “bounce back” from) our pregnant bodies,” Katrina further shared in her message. “When, in fact, our beautiful bumps embody the miracle of what it means to be Selfless, Vulnerable, and Strong.”

The co-founder of Tone It Up also expressed her wish for other moms and moms-to-be. “In this issue, I hope to represent all the women out there that are creating life, feeling all the feels, and embracing change as they look to the future,” she stated, “Especially those having difficult fertility journeys. I am with you, and you are never alone.”

Katrina finished her message by reminding all women that “our bodies and minds are capable of extraordinary things.” The fitness trainer noted, “And as for me, I’m all about gracefully bouncing forward.”

During Miami Swim Week in July 2021, while undergoing IVF, Katrina hit the runway for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit show. Before the show, she had also undergone a surgical hysteroscopy procedure and hormone treatments. She told TODAY that initially, she was hesitant to participate because she “didn’t feel ready.” However, she decided to do it. “But I said, ‘I’m going to agree to this even though this is such a crazy time in my body,’ ” she explained.

Later on, Katrina shared pictures from the runway on Instagram. Along with the photo, she wrote a caption that read, “I hope to represent all the moms… you are remarkable and so strong. I hope to represent the women yearning to grow their family… who may have experienced loss (my 3 angels), and all my IVF warriors who are holding onto every month praying for their family.”

“I hope to represent the women who have had the hardest year of their life… and show that there’s still light and to keep your head high and your heart open,” she concluded her caption. “I hope to represent the women who don’t see their body type in the media (AA, cellulite, curves, and beyond!).”

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