Kid Magicians from ‘America’s Got Talent’ Were Arrested Amid Their Parents’ Custody Battle

Two young magicians – Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett – who were featured as contestants on the 2016 season of America’s Got Talent were arrested last week in Louisiana.

The teenage siblings were arrested by police in Farmerville, La. after they refused to live with their mom amid a custody battle between their parents.

A court order from Missouri requires the kids to split their between their mom and dad, but TMZ sources say the kids have lived in California with their dad for years and refuse to see their mom. The kids reportedly have said they are afraid of their mother.

15-year-old Kadan and 13-year-old Brooklyn were in Louisiana for their grandmother’s funeral last week and their mom knew where they would be, so she sent the police to pick them up. The kids refused to go with the police, so they arrested the kids.

Kadan and Brooklyn spent the night at the Green Oaks Detention Center and after a hearing in the morning, the kids were released back to their father. It’s unclear what happened in the hearing as the judge ordered it to be sealed.

The arrest was caught on video and it can be seen on TMZ.

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