Much like her blonde serpentine nemisis, it would appear that Kim Kardashian has possibly been dropping hints about a big reveal. Well, it’s a big reveal if you’re the person at E! in charge of typing up the chyrons on KUWTK. People seems to think they’ve cracked the case on what sounds like the least popular Nancy Drew novel of our time: The Mystery of What Kim and Kanye Named Their Newest Kid.

When it was first revealed that Kim and Kanye West’s fourth child, a little boy, had been born via surrogate late last week, my mind began racing over what kind of ridiculous name they would bestow upon the poor little thing. My initial thought was Go West. But then I cursed myself out for ever thinking of something that would bring such indignity upon the Village People. Luckily the Village People are safe, at least according to People. They note that Kim was tweeting about her new baby over the weekend, tweeting pictures of the baby shower she had before her son arrived, and calling him “the most calm and chill of all my babies so far.” Kim repeatedly captioned the pics with the teddy bear emoji. Naturally, her followers began speculating that the new baby’s could possibly be Bear.

People points out that Kim and Kanye could have gone with Bear, or possibly Teddy or Cub, as a tribute to Kanye’s hometown of Chicago. Chicago’s baseball team is the Chicago Cubs, and the football team is the Chicago Bears. And yes I just did that research seconds ago, since the only thing I really know about Chicago is their plentiful sausages and that giant silver bean.

Neither Kim nor Kanye have confirmed anything about the rumored name. We haven’t even gotten an excited leak (ew) from Kris Jenner about the possibility of Bear West. That could be because she’s still working with the little Duolingo owl in her brain to translate the name from English to Dollar Signs.

We’ll have to wait to see if this new baby is named Bear West. But really, if anyone in that family is going to go by a name inspired by a teddy bear, it should be Kim. Blank eyes, an expressionless face, and stuffed with artificial materials? Sounds like Kim to me.


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