Location, Location, Location star Kristie Allsopp has been forced to pull of filming the latest series of the smash hit show after she suffered a terrifying accident in London while shooting a scene.

The 52 year old presenter, who was filming a start of the day chat with two house hunters ahead of the all important property search, briefly excused herself to head to the loo while filming the scene in a pub in Stoke Newington.

But during her journey to the bathroom, Kirstie lost her footing on the staircase and ended up falling down an entire flight of steps, leaving the star badly bruised and in considerable pain.

Taking to social media to give fans an update on her condition, Kirstie explained exactly what had happened, as she said: "Today is Wednesday, and it's a working day,”

She continued: "I should be out filming Location Location Location. Except yesterday, when we were in a pub in Stoke Newington, filming a chat with our lovely house hunters Beth and Rory, I went off to the loo. Unfortunately, I got something wrong and I ended up falling down an entire flight of stairs.”

Reliving the scary experience, Kirstie was grateful she was able to now look back on it and laugh as she assured her fans she was alright.

Kirstie said: “At the time it was incredibly painful, it didn’t feel that comic but when I was lying with my dress around my waist on the pub floor by the toilets, which I had been heading to, I did think, there is a comic element to it!

“And I think my colleagues who got a terrible fright could eventually see the funny sight.”

She added: "It was, I think without a doubt, the scariest thing and most painful thing I have ever done in my life and I feel immensely blessed to be lying here in bed and not having broken anything. I'm bruised and battered. I went and had an x-ray and a CT scan. And I've been looked over by a lovely doctor.”

In the humbling video message, Kirstie also went on to praise the assistance of paramedics who had raced to the scene to “scoop” her up from the floor of the pub, as well as apologising profusely to the show’s sound man who captured the star screaming when she tumbled down the staircase.

“Luckily, Phil Spencer, bless him, is stepping into the breach,” explained Kirstie as she assured fans that the house search would continue with her co-star’s help.

“@philspencertv is stepping into the breach and is taking over with my house hunters. On L,L,L what comes first is the lovely people who give up their time to house hunt with us and we must never forget that,” she wrote alongside her post.

Before quickly adding: “I will be on the mend quite soon!”

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