Kyle Kuzma had the Internet buzzin’ once again after the NBA star rocked an … errr … unique outfit on the runway at Puma’s New York Fashion Week show.

The 6’9″ Washington Wizards forward wore all black — including a black jacket with Puma’s signature logo — which encircled his waist and went down to his feet.

Kuz also had on a black hoodie with a black top that had the word “Puma” … meanwhile, his GF, model Winnie Harlow, wore a black and white Puma dress.

“Very much a iconic moment for our brand @puma … @juneambrose sis you absolutely did your thing. Oooooooooffff,” Kuzma said about Puma’s creative director on social media.

Kyle Kuzma

Puma posted video of Kuz and Winnie kissing just moments before the hooper hit the stage.

Of course, the Wizards’ star — who returned to past form during his first year in D.C. — has a passion for fashion … routinely wearing outfits that cause a stir on social media.

Kyle Kuzma Roasted Over Massive Pink Sweater

Remember, Kuz wore an oversized pink sweater on gameday back in November … and was mercilessly trolled by fellow NBA stars Demarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, and J.R. Smith.

usain bolt

Olympic track star Usain Bolt also hit the runaway … and the fastest man the world’s ever seen wore a black and white Puma outfit with a black bow tie.

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