Khloe Kardashian has a lot on her plate these days.

She’s a newly-single first-time mom and pretty much every second of her life is broadcast for public consumption.

So she’s probably not looking to re-enter the dating world just yet.

But don’t tell that to Lamar Odom, who’s still holding out hope that Koko will give him a second chance.

Odom has a new memoir on the way, and it’s loaded with shocking revelations about his wild life and times, many of them pertaining to his marriage with Khloe. 

Some of these revelations are shocking — such as the fact that Lamar claims to have slept with 2,000 women (many of those conquests no doubt taking place during his marriage).

Others are not so surprising — such as the fact that Odom regrets being such a horny cokehead during his time with Khloe.

The book doesn’t come out until next week, but a central theme has emerged in the excerpts that have already been published:

Lamar really wishes he were still married to Khloe.

Now, a source close to the former NBA star has spoken with Us Weekly and confirmed what we already knew:

“Lamar would still love to be with Khloe,” the insider claims.

“He’ll talk about their relationship in the book, his regrets, the highs and the really lows,” the source explains, adding that Khloe “hasn’t read the book.”

Khloe, of course, was by Lamar’s side when he nearly died from an overdose back in 2015.

Now, he feels it’s his chance to return the favor:

“Lamar feels really bad about what Khloe is going through,” a second source tells Us in reference to the Tristan Thompson cheating scandals.

“He feels like she doesn’t deserve it and she is such a great mother and partner.”

We respect Lamar for shooting his shot, but something tells us Khloe isn’t looking to rush right back into a relationship with a different dude that already cheated on her.

Based on comments from those close to the situation, it seems Khloe is eager to keep Lamar around as a friend — and nothing more.

:There’s no beef between [them] at this time,” the insider reveals.

“He’s always had love for her and her family.”

But hey, maybe if he bides his time, she’ll eventually make another very bad decision with regard to her love life.

She seems to have a penchant for those.

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