Lili Reinhart is giving us a taste of what to expect on Riverdale!

The 24-year-old actress went on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night (January 12) and shared what Betty Cooper’s adult job is after the time jump.

“I’m not a teenager anymore, and my character Betty Cooper is working as an FBI trainee, which is very exciting,” Lili told Stephen. “It’s been really cool. It’s fun.”

If you missed it, be sure to check out the latest stills from the premiere episode, as well as the season trailer, which only covers what happens in the first three episodes.

She also revealed the meaning behind her poetry book’s title, “Swimming Lessons.”

“I thought of that title as I was falling asleep one night. I was kind of grasping at straws. My editor was telling me I had like one day left to turn in my title and I was like, ‘Gahhh!’” Lili said. “I really just… ‘Swimming Lessons’ came across my mind, and I was like does this work? Yeah, it works. It’s ‘Swimming Lessons,’ it’s kind of nostalgic. It’s something you do when you’re young and you’re learning and you’re trying to stay ‘afloat.’”

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