Louisville Citizens Seek Mental Health Help After Breonna Taylor Decision

The decision not to charge the cops who killed Breonna Taylor has taken its toll on an untold number of Louisville residents, who are having a hard time coping.

We’ve learned there’s been an increase in the number of Louisville residents seeking mental health help and are citing Breonna’s case as the reason.

Joe Nalley, CEO of Kentucky Mental Health Care, tells TMZ … the day after the announcement they saw 30 new clients, and a third of them cited Breonna not getting justice as the reason.

Millicent Cahoon, founder of Therapists for Protester Wellness, tells us their crisis hotline — an emergency call line that provides people with psychological help — has been ringing off the hook since the announcement … and they’ve needed 10 therapists minimum on the line to handle the volume.

The organization has also set up booths offering free mental health services to protesters.

Tiffany Farmer, owner Best Life Mental Health Services in Louisville, tells TMZ … she got 5 referrals for new clients the morning after the decision, directly in response to Breonna’s case.

At Kentucky Mental Health Care, we’re told 90% of clients are bringing up Breonna with their therapists, mostly saying any hope of justice is gone. There’s also been a spike in prescriptions for anti-anxiety medication, including 17 new requests in a single day instead of the normal 4 or 5 Rx’s.

Meanwhile, at Best Life Mental Health Services, we’re told at least 70% of clients are frequently discussing Breonna in therapy and are seeking help processing what just happened.

We’re told folks are unsure how to talk about the case with their loved ones, afraid of what it means for their life and safety, and some Black women are left thinking their lives don’t matter.

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