Love Island: Meet the series 10 islanders

During his introduction to the villa and the other contestants, Andre Furtado gave viewers a brief insight into his life with a myriad of interesting facts invoking a mixed reaction from fans as he declared: “I love bum bum.”

The cheeky moment sparked an onslaught of reaction on Twitter, with some fans praising his confidence and honesty while others slammed the comment.

Sylviasand0val wrote: “There’s no amount of money that could make me say ‘I love bum bum’ on national TV #LoveIsland”

Munaxvnn added: “Andrè was so beautiful until he opened his mouth and said bum bum #LoveIsland.”

However, Talkincrud1 pointed out: “Andre is bringing some Portuguese culture and everyone is crying about him saying bum bum.”

As the very first episode of the new series continued, Andre seemingly couldn’t help repeating the phrase, unaware of the online backlash he was receiving for it.


Another fumed: “Andre needs to stop saying bum bum. I feel embarrassed for him every time and I hate it #loveisland.”

Some fans also questioned Andre’s young age, adding: “Bum bum at 21 years old…”

The comment originally came about as the islander was showing off his linguistic skills as he speaks four languages and hopes to teach his fellow contestants “Portuguese, Spanish and a little bit of Creole” during his time in the villa.

The Dudley business owner insisted that despite his love for “bum bum”, he is searching for “a good woman” that has “ambition, good manners and a pretty face”.

Andre added that with his university days now behind him, he has “a better mindset towards relationships” and is “down with situationships”.

The 21-year-old declared the reason he’s currently single is down to “commitment issues”.

During the very first episode of the series, Andre was paired with 22-year-old real estate agent Catherine Agbaje through a public vote.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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