Love Island 's Anton Danyluk dropped the bombshell he is "seeing" Belle Hassan again.

The cheeky TV personality shed some light on their secret reunion as he admitted the couple have been speaking on the phone "every single day".

Also Anton shared the lovebirds have been meeting up when they are both available in London.

He told The Sun : "It has been really hard to see each other – we came out of the villa and I've been in a different city every day. We speak on the phone every single day and when we are both in London we catch up."

"It is complicated, we are seeing each other when we can but it isn't official. We are both so busy but we still like each other so we will just have to see what happens in the future."

However, the Love Island hunk confessed the duo still have the same problems because of long distance.

Anton has always been reluctant to move from his native Scotland while Belle lives on the other side of the country in Bromley, in London.

This is the reason, he says, why the couple haven't got back together officially.

He added: "I wouldn't say we are back together, the same problems still stand."

Anton and Belle have found their attraction to strong to pull away from each other.

The couple initially split five weeks after they returned to home soil following the end of their Love Island journey.

They had fallen for one another in the sun-drenched villa, in Mallorca over the summer.

But their romance wasn't without its fair share of drama.

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