Lorraine says that Madonna’s Instagram snaps are ‘sleazy’

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Madonna, 63, caused a stir yesterday after she posted a series of risque shots to her Instagram page. However, the pop star has now fumed at them being deleted after her nipple was exposed.

The star took to social media to repost the images with emojis covering her following the decision.

The Vogue singer then blasted Instagram in a rant about sexualising women’s bodies.

She reposted all 10 images which saw her pose in a bed in a series of raunchy positions.

Some of these now feature strategically placed heart emojis.

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A post shared by Madonna (@madonna)

In view of her 17 million followers, Madonna penned: “I’m reposting photographs Instagram took down without warning or notification…..

“The reason they gave my management that does not handle my account was that a small portion of my nipple was exposed.

“It is still astounding to me that we live in a culture that allows every inch of a woman’s body to be shown except a nipple.

“As if that is the only part of a woman’s anatomy that could be sexualized.

“The nipple that nourishes the baby! . Can’t a mans nipple be experienced as erotic ??!!” (sic)

Madonna went on to question the double standard with men’s bodies.

She added: “And what about a woman’s ass which is never censored anywhere.

“Giving thanks that I have managed to maintain my sanity through four decades of censorship…… sexism……ageism and misogyny.

“Perfectly timed with the lies we have been raised to believe about the pilgrims peacefully breaking bread with the Native American Indians when they landed on Plymouth Rock!”

She finished her rant with: “God bless America#artistsareheretodisturbthepeace.”

Following her passionate post, the singer was inundated with support from her followers.

Model Munroe Bergdorf wrote: “FREE ALL NIPPLES!”

Mryoussefnabil replied in the comments: “Totally agree !!!”

While Katie Piper weighed in writing: “Queeen.” (sic)

The Material Girl singer split fans yesterday when she posted the original images.

Celebrity followers also reacted, including Piers Morgan, who branded it “rock bottom”.

While actor Kate Beckinsale pranked her daughter into thinking the pics were of her.

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