Malin Andersson has opened up on the shocking discovery that her childhood friend had been viciously trolling her online.

The pregnant Love Island star, 29, revealed she "hired a private investigator" to delve into who was behind the anonymous accounts that threatened to attack her and mocked the tragic death of her daughter Consy.

Speaking on the Made By Mamas podcast, Malin explained she decided to get to the bottom of who was trolling her online after the tragic death of her baby daughter Consy in 2016.

Malin suffered heartbreak when her newborn daughter Consy tragically passed away following four weeks in intensive care after her birth.

The reality star was horrifically trolled by the mystery social media user while her daughter was in hospital, as the evil user told her to "unplug her tubes already", according to The Sun.

And Malin even called the police after another troll threatened to throw acid in her face.

Speaking to podcast hosts Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton, Malin recalled how the investigation led to the shocking discovery that the trolls were actually people she knew.

Malin, who shared an emotional post on Consy's birthday recently, explained: "I found out a few people that were trolling me.

"One was actually like an old childhood friend that was really nice to me and still in my life.

"One was someone that lived down the road. A few from different points in my life, like years ago – but you know, I've never fallen out with anybody."

She added: "It's interesting to see, because I kind of laughed and thought, 'S***, you're still watching me?'"

Malin is currently expecting her second child, but has admitted she felt "a lot of PTSD had come up" during her latest pregnancy.

She admitted there were things she "hadn't really dealt with" after the tragic passing of her baby daughter.

She explained: "When you're pregnant, you don't have the coping mechanisms you usually do – can't go out with friends, go and have a drink.

"I've managed to get through it, but I'm just kind of waiting for it to be over. I've suffered a lot with my mental health in this pregnancy."

The pregnant star explained she was focussing on doing "a lot of healing" by looking into "unresolved trauma" before welcoming her daughter.

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