Megan Fox has never been afraid to be honest. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are extremely candid about their relationship, and she’s dished on her experience as a young actor. She once shared a slightly gross story about losing her big toenails. Here’s what she had to say about the experience — and why she thinks Lindsay Lohan is to blame. 

Megan Fox starred in ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’

In 2004, Megan Fox starred in the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen alongside Lohan. Fox played Carla Santini, a popular girl competing against Lohan for the lead in a musical. 

Though Fox ultimately found her big break in the Transformers movies, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was one of her first major roles. As with many Lohan movies, this Disney film performed well among young audiences. While perhaps not well-reviewed, it’s considered by many to be a quintessential early 2000s film. Fox set herself in the public eye with her villainous performance. 

She lost both big toenails after a day on set

In Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, there’s a scene where Fox and Lohan play Dance Dance Revolution at an arcade. The on-screen enemies compete viciously against each other. Though the viewer can’t tell, Fox said her shoes were just a little too small.

“I had tennis shoes on, but they were half a size too small,” Fox told InStyle. “And by the end of the day, I lost both of my big toenails. They fell off.”

Unfortunately for Fox, this was not a one-time loss.

“That continued to happen for like the next six years of my life,” she said. “Once you lose them once, they never really grow back the same way.”

According to Fox, she doesn’t think the loss of her toenails was caused by the costume designer or the long dancing shoot. Instead, she blames her scene partner.

“I’ll always blame Lindsay Lohan for that,” she joked.

Fans can see 3 new Megan Fox movies in 2021 

Any fans of Megan Fox’s relationship, her impressive red carpet fashion, or even just Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen can see the actor in several new films this year. After a fraught relationship with the film industry, Fox is embracing new roles.

In July 2021, she starred in Midnight in the Switchgrass alongside Bruce Willis and Machine Gun Kelly. In it, she plays a police officer investigating a string of murders. Fox and Machine Gun Kelly met on set. 

Fox also featured in Till Death, a horror movie. In it, Fox wakes up in a secluded cabin on her tenth wedding anniversary, handcuffed to her dead husband. She must escape before three circling killers find her. 

In October 2021, Fox will appear in Night Teeth, an upcoming Netflix vampire flick. In it, a rideshare driver becomes embroiled in a battle of the living dead after picking up two vampires. It will also star Sydney Sweeney, Alexander Ludwig, and Debby Ryan.

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