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The then-22 year-old was near the front of the 1969 concert, which came two days after the death of Stones star Brian Jones in a swimming pool and saw Mick release doves into the air. Just days later she posed in a purple version of the same outfit for a front-page photoshoot and news story which promoted a spin-off £90s version of the dress from fashion firm Shelana.

The Daily Express article – with the headline “Girls…you too can be as beautiful as Mick Jagger” – told how girls were “bowled over” by the singer’s “breathtaking” outfit, alongside Kari-Ann’s picture.

“It was fun wearing that dress, I was trying to do a Mick pose and pout,” she laughs.

“Harry Styles has since worn a dress and jewellery, but Mick came first. He did that a long time ago and Mick’s outfits are always fantastic.

It was a surprise to see him wearing a dress like that but he was always way ahead.” Incredibly, Kari-Ann went on to marry Mick’s younger brother Chris, also a musician, despite not knowing him at the time of the concert.

“It’s just so ironic that in the end, I have been with Mick’s brother for goodness knows how many years now,” Kari-Ann says.

“Chris didn’t know me at the time – in fact, I didn’t know that Mick had a brother. I did know Mick, we had dinner together. In those days, the pop stars and all the models used to hang out in the same restaurants. It was a much smaller little group then.”

Kari-Ann, who also appeared on the cover of Roxy Music’s 1972 debut album, tied the knot with Chris, 74, in 1981.

Between them, they have five grown-up sons (two from her previous marriage, one from his, and two together) and 14 grandchildren. Chris has released more than a dozen albums, and has also worked with the Stones.

He contributed to their 1989 Steel Wheels album and wrote the opening lines of the 1986 single One Hit (to the Body).

Mick also duetted with his brother on Chris’s 2006 song The DJ Blues.

This Saturday’s BST Hyde Park concert is the Stones’ second UK date on their SIXTY tour after earning rave reviews for their show at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool. Elton is playing Hyde Park this Friday night.

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