Mindy Kaling is sharing her thoughts on the Game of Thrones character Euron Greyjoy, played by Pilou Asbaek, following the fourth episode of season eight.

The rest of this post will contain spoilers, so continue reading at your own risk!!!

During the latest episode of the epic HBO fantasy series, Euron, who is working with new love interest Cersei Lannister, killed one of Daenerys’ dragons. We also found out that he is expecting a child with Cersei.

“If your spouse said Euron Greyjoy was their favorite character, you’d have to immediately divorce right,” Mindy tweeted after the episode aired on Sunday night. VALID!

She added, “There’s lots of unconventional favorite GOT character choices. I could see great arguments made for Sam, Yara, Theon, hell even Ramsay or Joffrey ‘cause they’re such insane villains. But if you like Euron Greyjoy you got major problemos my friend.”

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE character on Game of Thrones?

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