Nicole Kidman Was ‘Swatted’ By Man Sitting Behind Her at the Opera, Police Responded to Scene

Nicole Kidman was reportedly involved in an altercation during a recent night at the opera in Sydney, Australia.

The 53-year-old actress and her husband Keith Urban, also 53, attended a performance of The Merry Widow last month at the Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the couple loved the performance and they both stood for a standing ovation at the end of the show, along with most of the audience.

The man who was sitting behind Nicole and Keith was reportedly not pleased by the standing ovation and asked the couple to sit down. The outlet reports, “Keith explained they were giving a standing ovation, a sign of appreciation for the show, and carried on clapping and standing.”

The source added, “At this point, allegedly, the gentleman swatted Academy award-winning Kidman with his program, prompting Urban to accuse the man of assaulting his wife.”

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