Patrick Schwarzenegger’s beach bod is ready to go!

The actor’s dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the best-known bodybuilder of the family, but it looks like Patrick is finally following in the Governator’s footsteps. He posted about his recent 50-day fitness program on Instagram, explaining the challenge and showing off some super-impressive before-and-after shots.

The caption of Wednesday’s upload read:

50 days 5am

Getting in the best shape of my life. Both physically & mentally. 1st photo 185 lbs 8% fat. 2nd was 6 months ago. 163 lbs 13%.

We had 413 people finish the challenge. Pretty wild. Some of the results were amazing. Found a Sense of purpose. Increased energy. Better sleeping habits. Some Lost 15-30 lbs. People ate better throughout the day. More productive at work. Found time for extra activities. Check out some of the texts I got. So inspiring.”

Alongside screenshots of the texts from other participants, the Moxie star wrote:

“WHY 5am Challenge ?

1. starts your day with a form of ‘success’ & builds momentum for the rest of your day
2. Shows your mind/body your capable of doing something you don’t want to
3. Allows you to form small morning rituals/habits that lead to big results over time.

I love creating goals/challenges because It gives your brain a literal GPS to a destination your seeking. The biggest mistake we make is thinking It will come overnight. Everything takes time. That’s why I made the challenge 50 days so people wouldn’t end after the first week.”

He concluded:

“Anyways. Thanks to anyone that joined. Enjoy the free coffee I sent. Thx @kirkmyersfitness @mubarakmalik for the help. We’ll do another challenge again soon.

Be The Best You.”

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We can’t argue with those results! Congrats, Patrick!!

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