Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth live ‘separate lives’ but they talk on the phone

Today is Prince Philip’s 98th birthday. Perhaps he’ll celebrate with some cake and a nice seatbelt-less drive, who knows. That’s the point of this story – no one really knows what Philip is up to these days. He skipped Trooping the Colour for the second year in a row, he completely ghosted the Trump sh-tshow and he’s been spending less time with the Queen in general over the past year. Philip retired from public life two years ago, and despite whatever else you could say about him, he actually DID work. He worked in the military and he worked in public service for decades. He earned his retirement. But upon his 98th birthday, of course people wonder if he even spends much time with the Queen anymore.

Prince Philip celebrates his birthday on Monday amid claims by royal experts that the Duke of Edinburgh is leading a separate life to the Queen and living “miles apart”.The Duke of Edinburgh turns 98, two years after announcing his retirement from royal life. But although he may mark the big day with his wife, royal watchers claim the pair are “leading separate lives” and don’t see each other “for weeks”. It had previously been claimed the couple have settled into this “new rhythm” of married life and are spending more time apart in their later years.

A royal source explained that “the Queen feels the Duke has earned a proper retirement. She knows him too well, if he was still at the centre of royal life he’d feel he had to be involved. Being at Wood Farm means that he’s not too far away, but far enough to be able to relax.”

Joe Little, editor of Majesty Magazine, said: “As reasonably well-documented, the Duke divides his time between Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate and Windsor Castle, more Norfolk than Berkshire because things are more relaxed there. Consequently he is away from the Queen for weeks sometimes, but they speak every day on the phone.”

Philip has reportedly set up a retirement base at Wood Farm cottage on his and the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in leafy Norfolk. Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, told Daily Star Online that Philip spends little time at Buckingham Palace. He said: “Unlike most married couples, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh often live miles apart, with Prince Philip spending hardly any time at Buckingham Palace these days. This is down to the fact that he is now retired and would rather live in one of his other homes. Buckingham Palace has always been viewed as a workplace by the Duke. It is in the middle of noisy Central London, and perhaps doesn’t offer the same peaceful tranquility as Windsor Castle or Sandringham House. Buckingham Palace is the monarch’s official working residence. As our 93-year-old Queen is still working, this is where she will spend the majority of her time in her workplace.”

[From The Daily Express]

I think it is what it is. Just as Philip has earned the right to retirement – especially given his health issues – the Queen has earned the right to have a somewhat separate life away from him. Granted, I don’t know the Queen, but I know a lot of older people and after 71 years of marriage, I totally believe that the Queen likes to have a rest from her husband too. She has her dogs and her kids and her grandchildren and a staff of hundreds. She’s not lonely. If anything, I bet Philip’s absence from Buckingham Palace has brought her even closer to her kids and grandchildren. The Queen seems especially close to both Anne and Charles these days, right? As for Philip… happy birthday to him.

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