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Since joining The Real Housewives Of Cheshire in 2018, Hanna Kinsella hasn’t been scared to get involved in the drama and has been embroiled in blazing rows with show veterans Dawn Ward and Tanya Bardsley.

But this series the 32-year-old dentist’s storyline has been much more positive – preparing for her first child with husband Martin, 39.

We’ve been glued to our screens as Hanna documents her journey to motherhood and when I catch up with her, she says she’s embracing the latest lockdown and using it as an excuse to prepare for her little one’s arrival.

“This time around the weather is going to be grim, so I look forward to sorting baby stuff out,” she says. Good plan!

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Here, Hanna reveals all about the fun of trying for a baby in isolation and if her newborn will become part of the cast…

Hi Hanna! How have you found being pregnant and filming?

It’s been harder in a way because I get tired easily, as there is a lot of standing around.

But I don’t think I’ve missed out on much as we all have to be home by 10pm. I’m not having any FOMO, that’s for sure!

How have you found this series?

It’s followed my pregnancy, so it’s nice and positive. I really get on with Lystra [Adams] now.

At the beginning we had a spat, but it’s nice having a new Housewife in the mix.

Has it been aggy?

It’s a mixed bag. There’s some amazing, positive stuff, but there’s been some clashing of horns.

So we’ve seen! Are there ever any feuds that don’t get sorted out?

It depends on the person’s character because some of the cast are a lot more headstrong than others.

Certain people are less forgiving, but eventually things get ironed out. Look at me and Tanya!

We didn’t get on in the beginning, then we got to know each other and we’re like bezzies now.

That’s good, hun. How have you found your two years on the show?

It’s mental. I think I’ve grown up a lot. Because you’re dealing with certain situations and conflict, it makes you grow a thick skin very quickly. Time flies!

Will we see the bubba on camera?

Martin and I are very open on the show and it follows your everyday life.

We have our families on there and so it feels right to show a bit of baby.

We’ve not thought that far ahead, but I think the baby will make a little appearance at some stage.

So there’s no chance of us seeing you giving birth on the show?

If the producers had their way they would have cameras at the business


They start filming the next series mid to late January, so you’ll see me absolutely massive, ready to pop.

But I’ve said, “Strictly no cameras in the birthing room, please.”

I don’t blame you, hun. At least you get to document the whole pregnancy!

It’s so nice – it’s like a home video on the ITV hub.

Do you want more kids?

Martin and I would love a big family. Growing up it was just me and my brother and I always wanted more siblings.

We’ll see how we go. Everyone says, “Wait until you have the first to see what you think because it’s not easy.”

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You could become the Kris Jenner of Cheshire! We’ve just gone into lockdown again – how did you find it the first time round?

The weather was awesome, so it felt like a long holiday. I hardly take a day off work, so it was quite nice in a weird way.

Look, lockdown was fine as I ended up falling pregnant, didn’t I?! So let’s just say Martin and I had fun trying.

Finally, are there any shows out there you would like to do?

I really like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice – anything where you can learn a skill over time. It looks like they’re having such a fun time doing it. I’m the s******t ice-skater in the world, so I’ll probably end up on my face.

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