Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury and her family have been robbed while vacationing in Greece.

While out and about in Mykonos, Caroline along with her husband Sergio Carrallo and her three kids, had their vacation home robbed within a few hours of arriving Saturday. Caroline took to Instagram to explain:

“So… Having set off on our holiday and landing within 3 hours we were robbed.”

A bad start to what should have been a fun vacation celebrating Caroline’s daughter, Yasmine, for getting her General Certificate of Secondary Education.

It gets scarier, though! Not only was the family robbed, they actually came face-to-face with the burglars themselves! Caroline explained “we came home to the men still in our house,” and revealed they stole “so much.” Luckily, everyone came out of the situation unharmed. However, Caroline shared video of their suitcases completely ransacked with their personal belongings spread around the floor and gone through. She explained:

“All our bags that we had left by the door to move were open all over the floor.”


See Caroline’s full post (below):

Upon entering the vacation home, the family noticed lights on upstairs and that’s when they realized they were not alone, which Caroline revealed was the “scariest part.” After this realization, they ran back outside to their driver and alerted local authorities. Once police arrived, they found that all of Caroline’s bags, jewelry, and cameras were missing. One stolen item in particular got to Caroline and Sergio the most:

“They took my husband’s wedding ring, which he’s absolutely destroyed over.”

Ugh, their situation turned south so fast!

Caroline sat down with People Monday to dish on the nightmare, and revealed that their vacation rental home was “in the middle of nowhere,” and there was no security system. She explained:

“I was laughing with Sergio that it was so remote. It’s such a scary place to go. But I was like ‘What if someone’s in the house?’ Can you imagine? No one would hear us, and he opened the door and went ‘boo’ to make me scared as a joke.”

You know what they say about there being a little truth behind every joke…

She also added that because of the property’s remote location and the bad vibes they were getting, they had decided to move to a different location. They returned to the residence after dinner at around 11:30 p.m. to get their belongings, and that’s when they discovered the scene.

That’s why we always trust our instincts!

However, they were able to move to a new vacation spot and hire security, and the robbery served as a “reminder” of the “secure feeling” of residing in Dubai, to which Sergio agreed in an IG post:

“So sad what happened to us but thank GOD we are ok. Now is when I miss Dubai, how safe and secure it is.”

We couldn’t agree more, Sergio!

See the full post (below):

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