Rick Ross is grateful one of his neighbors is pointing out he has a problem with stray pets … a few of his cattle and bison are roaming a little too freely.

Rick says he always manages to corral the livestock on his “Promise Land” estate … no easy feat, seeing as how the property sits on 235 acres of land. Rozay compares it to the popular TV series “Yellowstone” … AKA it’s the wild wild west when it comes to the wildlife!!!

Rick Ross Roaming Bison

The level of damage the bison caused to the neighbor’s yard doesn’t seem like the equivalent of returning a lost pooch … but the MMG rapper explained they’re actually peaceful animals that will graciously accept carrots on request!!!

We broke the story — one of Rick’s neighbors of his Fayetteville estate grew INFURIATED his bison were destroying her yard … but he urged his neighbors to be courteous and reminded them to keep collars on their pets.

Despite the debacle, Rick says all his animals were returned safely and used the opportunity to prop up his new Deacon Whisky venture … which should bring additional revenue for fencing.

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