‘RIP Eminem’ Trends on Twitter and People Go Into Panic

This all starts after a Twitter user says on the micro-blogging site, ‘I have killed Eminem,’ before the tweet spreads around the bluebird app like wildfire.

AceShowbiz -For those who logged into Twitter on Tuesday, August 18, they might see Eminem‘s name trended on the micro-blogging site. However, it wasn’t because the rapper is releasing a new album or something. Rather, it was because the hashtag, “RIP Eminem” became a hot topic on the site and sent many into panic.

Em didn’t actually die, of course, as the hashtag merely stemmed from a single tweet that read, “I have killed Eminem.” Even though the tweet has since been deleted, it spread around like wildfire as some people began jokingly using the “RIP Eminem” hashtag. There were a lot of people who initially didn’t know it was just a joke and thought that the Detroit rapper passed away for real, but once they knew the cause of it, they shared a sigh of relief.

“BRUH I THOUGHT EMINEM ACTUALLY DIED CAUSE IT’S 2020 AND ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN BUT IT’S JUST YALL PLAYING TOO MUCH AGAIN,” one panicked user tweeted in all-caps. “I actually believed this one. I hate y’all,” another person said, as one other echoed the sentiment, “Twitter’s at it again. Get tf out and your #ripeminem crap. I nearly lost my s**t.”

Someone wasn’t having it as s/he said, “Why the f**k is #ripeminem even trending? Crook confirmed everything is alright. S**t whoever started that fake s**t really ain’t got nothin better to do.” Meanwhile, an individual wrote, “I HAVE TO KEEP SEARCHING IF EMINEM DIED OR NOT CAUSE YALL ARE CONFUSING ME.”

Some other people, in the meantime, decided to turn it into a joke and posted their tribute online. However, rather than using photos os the “Love the Way You Lie” rapper, they attached pictures of other celebrities rocking similar hairstyles as Em. Among those celebrities was Ellen DeGeneres, as one wrote, “One of the biggest artists of all time.” Someone else said, “rip to one of the greatest rappers of all time. rest easy m&m.”

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