Robbie Amell Will Star In & Produce New Movie Based Off a Wattpad Story

Robbie Amell has lined up a new movie!

The 32-year-old The Babysitter: Killer Queen actor will be starring in and producing Float.

The film is an adaptation of the Wattpad story by Kate Merchant.

“Really excited to bring Kate’s charming story to life. @wattpad let’s get to work,” Robbie shared on Instagram.

Here’s a synopsis: After her parents’ messy divorce, Waverly finds herself yanked from her comfortable life in Alaska to spend the summer in her aunt’s sunny beach town. If this paradigm shift wasn’t jarring enough, Waverly quickly begins to clash with one of her new neighbors and the polar opposite of everything she represents: an arrogant, jaded, beach bum named Blake.

Try as she might to avoid him, however, she finds fitting in with her new beachside community just as difficult thanks to the teeny-tiny, embarrassing secret that she can’t swim. That is until her new nemesis, who happens to be the town lifeguard, offers to teach her.

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