Ronan Keating and his wife, Storm, have revealed they are in a dispute with a window company.

TV producer Storm, who married the

star in 2015, called out the glazing business as she accused them of "trying to wriggle out of replacing" a sheet of glass that shattered at their home in the middle of the night.

Accusing the company of 'appalling behaviour,' the mum-of-two shared a picture of her children, Cooper and Coco Knox, drawing on a huge steamed-up window at their home.

She captioned the image: "Chilly Saturday morning," followed by a snowflake emoji.

"Yes, glass shouldn’t frost up like this – it’s just that this is a single pane because the other one shattered a few weeks ago in the middle of the night while we were sleeping," she continued.

She added: "The glazing company (refraining from naming and shaming just yet) is trying to wriggle out of replacing it despite promising (in writing and on their quote) a 10-year comprehensive warranty. Appalling behaviour."

Continuing the rant, the frustrated Australian fashion designer said that she and her singer husband are ‘concerned’ that the company is ripping off other families.

She went on to say: "We’re concerned that this company (there is a history of other things) does this kind of thing to innocent families all over the UK, families that are less inclined to push back, know their rights, or have the ability to engage a solicitor."

Storm then urged others 'dealing with something similar' to look up the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which states that companies should replace products that are 'not fit for purpose' free of charge.

She added: "I really hope that this information is helpful and empowers anyone who may have found themselves being treated poorly by the company they trusted."

Her followers were quick to thank the mum for sharing the information, with many commenting their personal experiences.

One said: "I’ve had 2 windows break for no reason in my 3-year-old new build, and have paid for a replacement on both not knowing this. [melting face emoji]."

A second penned: "We've had similar with a skylight, one of the triple-glazed layers shattered while we were on holiday, came home to it all over the dining table.

"Good thing we weren't there or potentially someone could have been seriously injured. No apology from the company involved and told they won't replace, and the warranty doesn't cover it."

A third wrote: "Thanks for sharing, we bought a sofa that has had the cushion memory foam replaced twice, and now they've said as it is not structurally broken, there is nothing more they can do, we have misused the sofa, causing the sagging."

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