Rylan Clark has paid for a private plane to bring his hospital-bound mum back to the UK after needing emergency surgery while on holiday.

The Radio 2 host, 34, told his fans last week that his mum Linda suffered a fall while the pair were on holiday together – leading to her needing emergency surgery.

He added that the situation was "more complicated" due to his mum's other health conditions, and promised to provide updates when he could.

Now, Rylan has confirmed that his mum is set to come back home to the UK – sharing a number of photos of a private jet and his mum being transported via a hospital bed to his Instagram story.

He also confirmed that his mum broke an arm and a leg in her fall, making a joke that "she's cost me an arm and a leg".

He captioned the post: "She might have broke an arm and a leg but she’s cost me an arm and a leg! LINDAS COMING HOME!! Massive thank you to the amazing team and surgeons at @helicopterossanitarios . Thanks for looking after my mum x."

In his update, he also confirmed that doctors at Helicopteros Sanitarios have helped with Linda's transport back to the UK. The company is a home doctor and emergency service which provides multilingual care and is based on the Costa del Sol.

Rylan first informed his fans of his mum's health issues last week saying he would not be presenting his Radio 2 slot over the weekend due to him remaining abroad following mum Linda's fall.

He shared the update on social media saying: "So unfortunately I took my mum away on her first holiday in a good few years and sadly she's had quite a bad fall, resulting in her having to have surgery out there.

"She's not in the best health with her other conditions and this has made it more complicated. My priority at the moment is my mum.

"Cheers to Scott for covering me at radio 2 and Thanks to the people out there that have sent their well wishes.

"Praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Will update you on mummy Linda as and when I can x."

Rylan touched on his mum's health issues in his second memoir last year.

In the book, 'Ten: The Decade That Changed My Life', Rylan wrote about his mum's issues with Crohn's disease.

He said: "Mum suffers from Crohn's disease. It's one of those things that can go undetected for quite a long time, but she got diagnosed before I was born, so she's had it all my life."

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