Secret Cinema's Dirty Dancing bash rescheduled – and tickets are available now

Secret Cinema has confirm new 2021 dates for showings of Dirty Dancing.

The pandemic decimated the events scene in 2020, and now many are looking to bounce back in 2021.

With renewed hope in the current wave of Covid-19 vaccinations, event organisers appear to be slowly ramping up their efforts once again.

One such organiser looking to reschedule is Secret Cinema, who are now attempting to finally make good on their last scheduled production.

The company, who provides immersive cinema experiences, originally postponed its screening of the 1980s romance film in wake of the pandemic but had promised to reschedule the showings.

Tickets are available from £49, with screenings running from July 14 to August 1 – if you previously had tickets for the 2020 show, you will be able to transfer them for this event or you can also get a refund.

It appears there will be activities for attendees to get involved in, from dance lessons to live music.

The website reads: ‘Kick off your vacation with some Cha Cha lessons or enjoy live music with an exotic cocktail in hand.

‘The night is young and at Kellerman’s, your everyday life will be nothing but a distant memory.’

This will be the second time the film has featured for the company, as it previously ran an event around the film in 2016.

A location has not yet been specified for this new run yet.

Creative director of Secret Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing, Lucy Ridley, said: ‘Our outdoor experiences are a celebration of the summer, and this iconic movie epitomises and honours that perfectly.

‘We’re delighted to return to this film and can’t wait to share the summer of ’63 with you.’

Dirty Dancing, for those who don’t know, is a steamy romance movie about a woman, played by Jennifer Grey, who falls for her dance instructor, Patrick Swayze.

The film came out in 1987 and remains a classic for romance lovers.

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