Um, speak for yourself” replied everyone who just made next month’s rent by Instagramming a picture of themselves holding a tumbler of laxative tea in one hand while pretending to eat a hair vitamin gummy with the other. But not so great for Selena Gomez, who recently let it be know she’s not exactly a fan.

The Guardian says that Selena was recently asked about social media use during a press conference in Cannes for her new movie, The Dead Don’t Die. At one time, Selena was the most-followed person on Instagram. She’s currently the third, with 150 million followers. Some people may drool at the thought of receiving so much attention, but not Selena. According to Selena, it’s just about the worst thing to happen to her generation. I would have guessed the worst thing was the ability to give a shit about YouTube beauty guru drama, but it looks like I’m wrong.

“For my generation specifically, social media has been terrible. I understand that it’s amazing to use as a platform but it does scare me when you see how exposed these young girls and boys are. I think it’s dangerous for sure. I’m grateful I have a platform. I don’t do a lot of pointless pictures. For me, I like to be intentional with it. I see these young girls…I’ll meet them at meet-and-greets, and they’re just devastated by bullying and not having a voice.”

Selena adds that she thinks it’s “impossible” to make social media safer for users at this point, and that it kind of comes down to the user. Like allowing time limits and taking breaks when you feel like you need it. Selena herself has gone on social media breaks in an attempt to help maintain her mental health. Of course, she always returns since she needs that sponsored content cash just like anyone else. But it kind of sounds like she’s only really active because it’s part of the job.

I totally understand what Selena means when she accuses social media of being terrible for people her age. I grew up with digital cameras and extremely slow desktop computers, which means it took forever to upload my three best semi-slutty scene girl selfies to MySpace. And once there, it took forever on my shitty internet connection to refresh the page and see who wrote the words “Ur hair is gross” underneath. Of course it was, I bought expired Feria. So yeah, I understand; I can’t even begin to imagine dealing with that and Facetune at the same time.


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