Serena Williams Pulls Out of French Open 2020 Due to Injury

Serena Williams is unfortunately pulling out of the 2020 French Open.

The 39-year-old tennis star officially withdrew from the competition on Wednesday (September 30) after suffering an Achilles injury.

“Struggling to walk,” Serena said of the injury. “So that’s kind of a tell-tale sign that I should try to recover.”

“I feel like my body is actually doing really, really well, and I just ran into, for lack of a better word, bad timing and bad luck, really, in New York,” Serena said, adding that she doesn’t think it will effect her long term. “It happened, but my body is actually doing really, really well.”

Serena Williams was unfortunately defeated in the semi-finals of the US open earlier this month. She did make history at the tennis tournament, despite not making it to the finals.

Get well soon, Serena!

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