Is THIS the real reason for Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rogers‘ super fast engagement?

To be honest, we were kind of surprised when it was announced these two were dating at all, so when they revealed their engagement shortly after, it set our heads spinning. The only thing that would shock us more would be a surprise baby announcement… which may just be what the actress dropped on her Instagram Story on Wednesday.

Here’s the picture in question — a pair of baby feet, with no other context or identifying features:

Naturally, the ambiguous photo sent fans into a tailspin. Over on Twitter, users wrote:

“ummm whose baby is that on Shailene Woodley’s Instagram story????”

“Also shailene woodley posting baby feet on her stories. Is she trying to tell us something too lol”


“Shailene Woodley just posted a picture of baby feet and I’m just waiting for news to drop that Aaron Rodgers has a baby boy that will grow up to be our franchise QB”

“The question is why did shailene randomly post a pic of baby feet without any context whatsoever

Some people even pointed out the interesting timing of this post, considering the football player’s ex Olivia Munn was also recently making headlines for baby news:

“not shailene woodley posting pics of babys feet on her insta story post breakup from aaron rodgers on the day john mulaney and olivia munn (aaron rogers ex) announce they’re expecting…….”

“Um, Shailene and Aaron had a baby?!?!?! And she posts after Olivia announces her pregnancy. Oh this is some petty ass s**t and I’m here for it.”

But… did they have a baby? Page Six reported that neither of the potential parents’ representatives could be reached for comment, but the Green Bay Packers quarterback didn’t post anything similar on his own page.

The couple are currently spending time apart as Aaron prepares for the football season and his fiancée has a number of film and TV projects booked. They could certainly make distance work as new parents, but we doubt the athlete would describe it as “a good time for both of us to be able to focus on our work” if one of them also had to be away from their child.

Keeping pregnancy a secret until the baby is born has definitely been en vogue throughout the pandemic, but we’re still skeptical of this particular timeline. The 29-year-old was definitely not visibly pregnant in any of the vacation photos pal Keleigh Sperry (wife of Miles Teller) posted in May 2021. (They could have gone on a couples’ vacation if they had an infant, but it’s just not a typical activity for new parents.) The absolute earliest the couple could have given birth would be around March 2021, and there were no indications that Shailene was pregnant in her appearances earlier this year either.

The baby feet could possibly be seen as a pregnancy announcement, though it would be a random and obscure one. This kind of pic is usually an announcement of a birth…

Plus, we imagine a pregnancy would probably interfere with the Big Little Lies star’s many upcoming projects, but hey, it happens!

We can’t rule it out, but looking at all the facts, our ruling is: it’s just a random pair of baby’s feet. Maybe the picture spoke to her, maybe the baby belongs to a loved one, who knows. But what do U think Perezcious readers — what message was Shailene trying to convey here?? Let us know your theories in the comments (below)!

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