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Ozzy Osbourne, 74, announced this week that he has been forced to retire from touring, owing to his continuing mobility struggles following back surgery. Fans around the world were devastated at the prospect that he may never perform as before ever again, and Sharon has now posted a deeply touching tribute from Stereophonics star Kelly Jones, which left fans in tears.

Kelly visibly winced as he expressed his sorrow at Ozzy’s predicament and appeared to have tears shining in his eyes as he declared the Black Sabbath singer a “legend”.

Although the Stereophonics sound very different from the rock ‘n’ roller, he shared that he has been strongly influenced by Ozzy’s music, ever since the age of seven.

“My oldest brother Kevin gave me Black Sabbath’s first record when I was very young, on vinyl,” he reminisced.

He then admitted to sneaking into his brother’s bedroom, stealing his Greatest Hits tape and, sadly, “getting it chewed up in the ghetto blaster”.

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Admitting how “gutted” he was when he heard the news, he added: “Black Sabbath were a huge influence on every band that I know.

“I’ve had a few surgeries myself which have put tours on hold, so I know how frustrating it is to do that, but to stop completely must be devastating for a guy who’s been doing that his whole life.”

He then pointed at the screen and urged all of his fans to listen to Black Sabbath, and in particular Ozzy’s work with the late Jeff Beck.

Addressing the rock ‘n’ roll hellraiser, he added: “I’m sending all my love to you, Ozzy, even though I’ve never met you.

“I think you are a legend mate, and [I’m] sending all my love from our band to yours.”

He added: “With all the love in the world and all the strength, mate, I hope you find some solace doing something, because the tour’s been put on hold or cancelled, until you can find a way of doing it in a comfortable way.

“Hats off to you mate for everything you’ve done for every band out there!”

In an unexpected twist, he then switched to a video of his youngest child, Marley, bouncing around in his cot and grinning happily as he heard Ozzy.

“Even my little son Marley, my little one – youngest of four – it’s tribal music and even he’s rocking out to it!” Kelly shared excitedly.

He welcomed Marley, who is just two years old, during the Covid lockdown, with wife Jakki Healy, and it’s clear that the pair have enjoyed introducing him to a variety of musical sounds.

“I’ve never met Ozzy but no-one sounds like Ozzy, no-one’s as funny as Ozzy!” Kelly marvelled elsewhere in the video, describing his idol as “amazing”.

Sharon posted his tribute with a single word: “Beautiful” – and many of her 1.1 million followers shared their emotion on seeing the clip.

One, @osbourne._.ozzy, declared: “This made me cry. No one will ever be like Ozzy. I love you guys sooo much!”

The touching tribute comes after just hours after Ozzy confessed he was “too weak” to perform in the much anticipated tour, citing a failure to recover from a traumatic spinal injury in 2019.

It followed a near-fatal quad bike accident he suffered twenty years ago, and despite surgeries, he has been unable to return to his former self.

“After three operations, stem cell treatments, endless physical therapy sessions, and most recently groundbreaking Cybernics (HAL) Treatment, my body is still physically weak,” he admitted.

However in a positive note, Ozzy explained that his team is brainstorming ideas so that he can perform, without the need to travel “from city to city and country to country”.

He added sadly in an impassioned social media statement: “Never would I have imagined my touring days would end this way.”

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