Sister Wives at War: Is Anyone Happy in This Marriage?

They may star on a show titled Sister Wives, but let's be frank, shall we?

Christine, Meri, Robyn and Janelle Brown have been acting more like Enemy Wives of late.

Throughout this latest season, the four spouses — all of whom have chosen Kody Brown to be their husband for some reason — have all expressed feelings of insecurity and jealousy.

None has come across as happy, that much is for sure.

On a March 2021 episode, Christine delved deeply into her background, specifically as it relates to Robyn and how insignificant she has felt at times by comparison to Kody's allegedly favorite wife.

What did Robyn say in response?

Where do these women stand with each other at the moment?

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1.Everyone is Unhappy

2.Take Christine, For Example

3.Preach, Sister (Wife!)

4.A Very Candid Christine

5.A Family Feud?

6.NOT the Queen C.

7.A Shot Fired?

8.Robyn Responds!

9.Added Robyn:

10.Where Does Meri Stand?

11.Need an Example?

12.And Then There's That Loyalty Thing, Too

13.Hey, I'm Just Keeping It Real!

14.Why Are All the Wives So Displeased?

15.Kody Finally Confesses

16.Yes, He Really Said All This

17.No D'uh, Dude!

18.Go Ahead and Leave Me, Ladies!

19.This Guy Sucks So Much!

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