#PrinceWilliamAffair has been trending throughout the week, and I’ve used the hashtag a few times as well. I’ve been surprised by the number of people who tweeted at me, asking me to talk about about William’s “alleged” affair with Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, or asking me to provide some kind of update on the situation. First of all, there are no updates other than Twitter suspiciously shutting down the #PrinceWilliamAffair hashtag. I guess we could consider that an update, alongside the blowback on every royal reporter trying to cover up the William-Rose stories by actively smearing Prince Harry and Meghan. But my point is that I’ve been on the “Rose Hanbury beat” since March 2019, when the first “rural rival” story appeared. You can also see our years-long coverage of the story here.

Now that we’re almost three full years past the first flurry of stories, I still believe that Rose was the one who initially leaked the “rural rival” story in the first place. I think Rose did that to put the Duchess of Cambridge in her place, because Kate genuinely tried to phase out Rose and Rose was like “know your place, Waity.” I also believe the story of William’s alleged affair with Rose was gossip in aristocratic circles long before the story broke publicly in March 2019. Once the story broke, Prince William did the most to shut down or threaten every media outlet saying anything about the story, and there are many dead URLs and hastily rewritten or edited stories out there. An editor at Foreign Policy even said outright that in 2019, William struck bargains with the British media to cover up his affair(s) and, in exchange, handed the media stories about Meghan.

Incidentally, I’ve never even believed that Rose was the only “other woman.” I just think Kate was the most worried about Rose. Kate didn’t even seem to mind when William abandoned her shortly after she gave birth so he could go boar-hunting in Spain with Jecca Craig nor did Kate get upset when William went to Kenya solo to attend Jecca’s wedding shortly after Jecca gave birth to a secret baby. Speaking of, I’ve also heard those rumors about Rose’s daughter. I have no doubt that’s how a lot of aristocrats roll, but… yeah, we have no evidence. I have another suspicion, completely unverified, that William has been done with Rose for a while and that he has a new side-chick, name unknown. My guess is that it’s one of the “mums” he met at the gym where he goes after he drops off the kids.

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