Soko Grabs ‘Jewel’ Takeout, Implores Peoples To Vote Trump Out

Soko picks up two pizzas and a bag of take-out food from plant-based, queer-owned restaurant Jewel in Silver Lake, Los Angeles on Monday (June 29).

The French singer-songwriter wore an orange Versace button-down, Alexander McQueen shoes, Gucci bag and Pizza Slime‘s “Erewhon” sweatpants.

“With the catastrophic rise of the Covid numbers in LA, we’re back into a bit of paranoia,” Soko recently penned on Instagram. “Summer is here. My baby is 20 months old today. We miss our friends. I’ve been a little depressed about the state of the world which makes it hard to focus on my album release.. But.. i really can’t wait for it to be out and for you to be able to listen to all the songs.. i have another video coming out in a few days.. I wish i could vote in the US and participate in voting Trump out in November. ( I can’t, coz I’m French, but if you can, please do ! ) I wish i could play shows right now. I miss my band, i miss all of you.. I hope you’re keeping yourselves safe and sane. Big love to you and yours.”

ICYMI, Soko released her bright, colorful and cheerful “Oh To Be A Rainbow” video to celebrate Pride Month. Her forthcoming third album, Feel Feelings, is out next week – July 10th!

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