Sonny LaTierri in 'Grease' 'Memba Him?!

New York City native Michael Tucci was actually in his 30s when he was cast in his most notable role as Sonny LaTierri — the wrench-twisting T-Birds member and Danny Zuko’s sidekick — in the iconic 1978 musical movie “Grease.”

The T-Birds posse consisted of Kelly Ward as the blonde bomber, Putzie, Barry Pearl as Frenchy’s boyfriend, Doody, Jeff Conaway as the lightning leader and Rizzo’s squeeze, Kenickie … and of course, John Travolta as the hand-jiving hottie, Danny Zuko.

Tucci went on to play a leading role as Pete Schumaker in the late ’80s television show “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.”

Guess what he looks like now!

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