It’s being reported that dearly departed comic book legend and cameo King, Stan Lee‘s former business manager, Keya Morgan has been charged with allegedly abusing Stan who died at 95. He’s been charged with five counts in a Los Angeles court and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Welp David Eason: Keya just took your place as evil asshole of the moment. Heat’s off of you for this week… at least from social media.

Entertainment Weekly paints Keya Morgan as something out of an episode of 20/20 about elder-abusing schemers. You know, someone who comes swooping into an elderly person’s life when they’re suffering through a diminishing mental state and are easy to taken advantage. Sign away leases, give away jewels–these elder abusing thieves are some of the grossest people. And Keya Morgan was charged for it.

Last year before his death, Stan’s family had already claimed that Keya was up to no good. Stan Lee himself denied the allegations in a video message which even Britney Spears would side-eye. Looks like a court of law doesn’t care about the video and they decided the rest of the factual information presented was enough to charge Keya with five counts of elder abuse including false imprisonment, forgery, and fraud. An arrest warrant has been issued.

The storyline of the abuse against Stan Lee is kind of a confusing one. One which involves him accusing someone of stealing his blood and Keya claiming comic books were being sold with said blood in it. But mostly this was all about allegations that some lawyers and business associates–which included Keya–were trying to mess with Stan and his daughter J.C. Lee and steal all of the Lee family assets for themselves. Stan even sued two of his other business partners for selling his image. So Stan had the grifters coming from all directions before his passing.

According to Deadline, Keya’s specific alleged narrative is that he took over Stan’s life–his business affairs and also his personal ones–in February 2018. This is when he started allegedly isolating Stan from his family and social circles. Keya also embezzled or misappropriated (is there a difference?) $5 million of stuff.

Keya had his attorney give a statement saying his client is innocent. But he didn’t record it on a cellphone for some reason this time:

 “My client stands firmly on his presumption of innocence. I expect him to be completely exonerated of all charges. Mr. Morgan has never abused Mr. Stan Lee in any way.”

Well guys, I know who the Avengers are coming after next. I hope that Keya has some good super-villain henchmen because he done messed with the creator of all the superheroes. With Thanos out of the way and millions of disposable dollars the full effort of the Avengers shall be brought down upon you! Expect Keya to get dragged into an L.A. police station by three men dressed up as Spider-Man by the end of the week.


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