SZA Proclaims She’s Done With Interviews And Photoshoots

Hip-Hop singer SZA took to Twitter to proclaim that she is done with “videos Interviews or photos for the rest of my life lol don’t ask.”

SZA also gave a shout-out to her contemporaries, Normani and Megan Thee Stallion, alongside whom she is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone dated February 19.

“S/o Normani and meg tho . My sisters who I love very much and respect deeply . Honored to be apart of ANYTHING w the two of those BLACK QUEENS,” she tweeted.

The singer, who is currently working on the follow-up to her debut album, Cltr, which was released in June of 2017, also spoke openly about her struggles with mental health, sharing that she suffers from anxiety.

“My anxiety has .03% to do w outside opinion. I was bullied all through high school I could care less. It’s my OWN THOUGHTS THAT HIT DIFFERENT,” she wrote.

When one of her fans tweeted about the phenomenon in which “new celebs” all appear to be suffering from anxiety, the singer clapped back, encouraging more people to talk to each other about it.

“Be glad Ppl are TALKING to eachother and sharing rather than hiding,” SZA said. “Also errbody dying on tv an the government broke the 4th wall ..pretty sure everyone’s fed up rn lol.”

She signed off with a picture of a recording studio, captioning it with “Where I belong.”

The new album is yet to receive a title and release date.

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