Lorraine: KSI appears on show and honours 'Lady Lorraine Kelly'

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Presenter Lorraine Kelly, 62, has sent well-wishes to her Celebrity Gogglebox co-star KSI, 28, after he tested positive for Covid. The Holiday singer announced he had the virus to his 7.2 million Twitter followers. He said Covid had “finished” him and he was bed-bound with a headache, shivers, hot sweats, dizziness and flu-like symptoms.

Today, he updated his fans on his second day after testing positive.
He wrote: “Covid update, Day 2. Feel pretty weak right now.  
“Small tasks like cleaning my room makes me feel hot and sweaty.  
“Lightheaded feeling at times. Joints/muscles feel achy. Still coughing a fair bit. Besides that, I’m good.”

After striking up an unlikely friendship, TV icon Lorraine replied: “Take care of yourself love.”
The pair have become close over the years and KSI has appeared on her morning show several times.
KSI even admitted that he has a shrine to the Scottish presenter in his bedroom.
Speaking in a BBC interview with Vernon Kay, KSI said Lorraine is one of the “best people” he’s ever met and revealed he has a photo of her on his bedside table.

In disbelief, Vernon said: “You’ve got a picture of Lorraine Kelly on your bedside table?”
To which the YouTuber replied: “Yeah, because she’s a star. She’s literally like the best person that I know. I thought I’d create a shrine for her.”
KSI’s love for Lorraine runs so deep that he gifted her a Lady title live on her show.
He told her: “Obviously the last time we were here, we talked about me being a Lord, a fan made me a Lord.

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“That is why I have decided to make you a Lady.”
The stunned presenter exclaimed: “Have you got the power to do that? Have you?”
After reaching to the side of her seat, Lorraine was left in a state of disbelief as she picked up the gift that had been placed there before the interview.
She declared: “Look at this, Lady Lorraine Smith, I wish to be known as Lady Lorraine forevermore.

“I want you all to genuflect, curtsy please – all of that,” before laughing.
After KSI suggested that staff working on Lorraine’s programme bowed before her, she joked that it would be nothing out of the ordinary.
“Well they do that anyway, KSI, they know that, they did that when you came in.”
Sharing her gratitude, Lorraine went on to add: “You are gorgeous, I can’t believe you’ve got the power to do that for me — oh, look at that!
“The Lords of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I love it, I’ve even got a crest, so we’re now Lord and Lady.”

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