The 51-year-old ‘Basketball Wives’ star shares that her surrogacy plans with husband Reggie Youngblood are ‘on pause,’ since she’s taking time to focus on her career.

AceShowbizTami Roman has a faithful husband. The “Basketball Wives” star stopped by “The Real” on Thursday, November 18 as she talked about her and husband Reggie Youngblood‘s journey of trying to have children.

In the episode, Tami shared that her surrogacy plans with husband Reggie Youngblood are “on pause,” since she’s taking time to focus on her career. Surprisingly, she revealed to the show’s co-host that she actually offered her husband an opportunity to have a baby with another woman.

“I feel like I’m at a point where my career is starting to do, and reward me for all of my efforts and the time that I’ve been in this business, and a baby for me right now would just not be the thing to do,” the 51-year-old star, who already has two daughters with ex-husband Kenny Anderson, shared.

She went on to say, “So what I offered [Reggie] was an opportunity for us to take a break for a year or two and let him go find someone to have a child with. And then when he has his baby, we could get back together.”

In response to incredulous reactions from co-hosts Garcelle Beauvais and Adrienne Bailon Houghton, the TV star shared that she did it for Reggie, who is an only child. Adding that she “would help raise the baby,” Tami explained, “It’s just I don’t want to have it. I don’t want to go get my eggs and all that. It’s really more about him being able to have his legacy here because he’s an only child and he does not have any children. So it’s really more for him than it is for me.”

When asked if the baby’s mother would be involved, Tami said, “I believe in coparenting. I believe that’s a very valuable part of the child’s life if the parents aren’t together. You need to learn how to coparent. And then I can be there and love the child as if it was my own.”

She, however, made it clear that she would not have sex with another men despite allowing her husband to procreate with one woman extramaritally. “I am a one-penis woman so even though we would be on break I would not entertain any other men because that would still be my husband,” she divulged. “I’m just giving him the opportunity to go have a child.”

As for Reggie, he was against the idea. “He said, ‘I don’t want that. I fell in love with you, you’re the woman that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, and if God put me here and I’m not supposed to have children, then that’s what it is,’ ” she revealed. “I really do want him to have children. I just can’t be the person to do that.”

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