Kate Middleton seemed to give Queen Camilla a gentle reminder about 'royal hierarchy' at the Remembrance Sunday service, says body language expert Judi James.

The two Royal ladies stood at their traditional spot on the balcony of the Foreign Office, overlooking the Cenotaph in Central London, as they watched the emotional service led by King Charles.

This is the second time in his reign that Charles has led the service as King, as he led the nation in a poignant two minutes silence, before placing a wreath on the Cenotaph. He was then followed by Prince William.

Both Royal women wrapped up warm as they watched their husbands take part in the service, with both of them donning formal black coats, hats, and white pearl earrings.

Body language expert Judi James noted that both Kate and Camilla appeared as a "strong team" as they watched the ceremony below

She told the Mirror: "Standing apart, almost at either end of the royal balcony and without Sophie present to create the usual trio of royal brides, Camilla and Kate presented visibly as status equals here."

Judi noted that the pair looked united as they stood in similar poses, with their almost-matching hats pitched at exactly the same angle.

She continued: "Kate had looked tearful at the very moving service the previous evening and she sustained a very solemn facial expression here but Camilla adopted a 'beatific' smile which is a gesture associated with calm, quiet happiness."

However, Judi did note there was one moment right at the end of the service, where Kate appeared to remind Camilla about hierarchy – given she is the Queen, while Kate is a princess.

Judi explained: "There was a moment at the end of the service when both women seemed to define the way that the late Queen's death has left them still needing small royal hierarchical reminders or cues.

"Camilla turned her head towards the interior but it seemed to need Kate to say 'after you' as she turned in the same direction. Camilla threw her wide, affectionate smile of what looked like gratitude as the two women stepped elegantly inside."

Unlike King Charles and other royals who wore a single poppy, Kate chose to adorn her outfit with several of these symbolic flowers in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the World Wars and other conflicts.

The reason why the Princess of Wales always wears multiple poppies at Remembrance events remains a mystery, but many think it's her way of honouring lost family members.

Kate's great-grandmother had three brothers who were all killed in action during World War One, and she had the chance to read letters from her ancestors during a poignant visit to the Imperial War Museum in 2018.

Other Royal women often do the same. The late Queen was known for wearing five poppies at the Cenotaph, believed to be a tribute to the five branches of service: the Army, the Royal Navy, and the RAF.

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