The banana clip is back to tame our quarantine hair

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I really do think that style and fashion will be greatly influenced by folks re-emergence post-lockdown. I hope a variety of body types will be promoted in fashion. Clothing styles and fabrics will probably favor function over form. I realize these trends may not last, but I anticipate them. Hair trends, too, will be affected. I expect to see a lot more shaved heads with the amount of people who got tired of flicking that one tendril from their eye, shouted “F*** it!” and grabbed the clippers. Bangs are coming back pretty strong. And all those amateur cosmetologists who thought they’d just clean up that one spot are inadvertently bringing back the mullet. But there is one hair trend already Electric Sliding down the comeback trail and I could not be happier about it – the banana clip. Nothing kicks your crown into high drama quicker than that hinged piece of toothed plastic just itching to bite down on your glorious locks.

If there is any trend that can get us out of bed in the morning, it’s one that allows us to skip shampoo day — again — and dotes enough nostalgia to take us back to faster times at Ridgemont High. That’s why when the tortoiseshell claw clip returned to the scene, we were first in line. And when we got word that the banana clip was coming back in style ahead of autumn, we couldn’t hit Pinterest quicker. Then we dug out our old teasing comb and swiped on some baby purple eye shadow. Kidding. Maybe.

A hair accessory that ruled the 1980s almost as much as the neon scrunchie, the banana clip was a precursor to the later-popular claw clips and butterfly clips and widely used to pull hair (feathered bangs included) into ponytails, loose updos, and even a low flipped bun. If you’re like us, you could use that sort of support heading into fall 2020, with sweater season providing the perfect opportunity to try a new banana clip hairstyle.

You can even update the trend by folding the ponytail into a braid or adding extra dry shampoo for mussed texture. The clip works extra well on textured or curly hair, and we can already see a high banana clip updo complementing any turtleneck this fall.

To use a banana clip for a ponytail, you merely unhinge one end of the clip (it should look like a wishbone when open) and then flip your head upside down and place the clip onto your head with pointed side downwards. You pull the clip upwards over your hair before cinching it all together. Done and done—the ultimate banana clip hairstyle. The whole scenario takes about thirty seconds.

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Age and pregnancy have finally given life to my natural wave that was weighted down by my hair’s thickness in youth. So although I used banana clips all the time in high school, they never looked as cool and Stephanie’s or Lori’s because it was just a straight pony falling from it. But now – now Stephanie and Lori can suck it because I can go full Tiffany is a matter of seconds! But it never occurred to me to wear the clip in any other way than the pony, I love the open-mouthed idea of a wave. And I’m intrigued by using different sizes with some half-up, half-down ‘dos. I just made my first haircut appointment since February and I was going to cut my mane back up above my shoulders but now that I know clips are coming back en force, I think I’ll just go for a trim and ride this baby out.

So where can you pick up these divine dames? Scrunchie makes a pretty quality version. If you have thin hair, you can use a cheap clip and it will look just as good as any other. I, however, have broken three clips during lockdown so I need to invest a little more. I really like the Scrunchie version because it keeps its closure tight. We recommended this one in one of our Amazon posts and I stand by it. It creates mega-drama with an ocean of waves and curls barely contained on the back of your head. I like this one also because you have some flexibility with how far you push it together to create different looks. Also, this is one of the most comfortable clips I’ve used. This style gives a slicker look if you want a more polished style and they even have some with fun coverings and sparkles.

I will let the proper hairdressers offer their Clip-Tips, but I will suggest either put the clip in when your hair is mostly, but not totally dry or tease it some before you put the clip in for best holding power. I have found that towards the end of the day, especially when my head is resting against my chairs headrest, the clip slips some if I don’t take precautions. Clip-Up, Bitches!

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